Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lucy update and a morning in the garden

Lucy finally has a completed face!  I know it seems like she is taking a long time...and unfortunately she is.  You only get so many days in the spring to get the "chores" done, this spring has been especially challenging due to the poor weather we have had. Now that some heat has arrived everything is literally growing before our eyes. ....and that includes the inevitable grass and weeds that find their way into the perennial beds every year, and I just have to get them removed before they set seed.

 Have you ever heard the old adage "one year of seeding makes for 7 years of weeding"

...when I was travelling to conventions I was gone in the spring to Pennsylvania and Toronto in late April or early May and then to SDP Nationals late May or early June ..... which is of course prime weed seeding time so (((sigh))) I am still doing battle although it's not nearly as bad as a few years ago when we took up to 5 landscape trailers of growth to the public compost pile . LOL
However most of the work is done, I still have to thin out a few overgrown perennials (Obediant plant is not very obediant!) and then we can lay the bags of mulch waiting to smother any remaining seeds.

Here is Lucy:
Most of the critical work is done, the contouring of her facial structure was tricky in a few places and it was slow going but I can now move back over to the left side and work a little out of focus which will hopefully go a bit faster.  I am finding the heat is changing the application of the pencils, they are much more fluid than when they are cooler, and the humidity made the paper buckle so badly that I had to untape all but one edge.


Regardless of the chores and other demands on my time, the light in the garden was just "perfect" yesterday morning and I had to take the time to shoot photos of the newly opened flowers. I had one camera focused most of the morning on one iris opening which was an interesting experiment, I haven't processed those yet but I invite you to visit my Floral page to see a few more flowers from my garden! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Modem is on the fritz!

Hi All!

Just wanted to leave a short note to ask you to not give up on me...our modem is on it's last gasp and has worked very haphazardly the last week or so and until we get it resolved I won't be uploading any photos as I am (((sshhhhhh))) using the neighbours unsecured network!
Lucy is coming along when I have the time, but mostly I am working in the garden when it is not raining. The veggie garden is all in, the front beds are planted as are all the pots in the shade garden next to the patio, next to tackle is the rose garden and the perennial bed!
Once we get the internet issues resolved I will post some pics of the garden and my progress on Lucy!