If you are interested in attending any of the classes please contact the person who is organizing the event or if you have any questions about a particular class send me an email!

I am available to teach your group of 6 or more students, please inquire if you are interested, you might be surprised at how reasonable a class with me can be!.

Working with coloured pencils can be easy...or not so easy depending on the outcome that you are looking for.  I work in a highly realistic style using many layers of many different colours of pencils working towards a finished painting that is as close to the reference material as possible.  Hand in hand with good technique there is a requirement to be able to look at whatever you are rendering and really be able to "see" it as it really is in order to be able to render it in a photo realistic manner. In-depth discussion and many small exercises designed to begin training the students eye as well as developing good technique are the main focus of this seminar, a small project leading to a larger project is included.  

This is a 2 day seminar for those who are interested in taking their own reference photos to paint from. We will spend one day learning some basic photography and camera skills while taking photographs of a variety of subject matter indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) The second day will be spent learning how to process our photos and turn them into usable reference material or art photos suitable for a variety of uses.
Students must have a DSLR camera - Digital Single Lens Reflex with manual
and a laptop computer loaded with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements

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