Pet Portraits

3 Amigos
I specialize in "up close and personal" pet portraits although I will work from whatever reference the client prefers. I require 2 or more large, high definition, fine quality photographs that show the animals true colours, personality and places your pet in a pose that is pleasing to you.

I much prefer if it is feasible, to come to your home and take my own series of photos to work from but that isn't always possible. If you are taking new photos for me to work from I will send you some tips to help you get the best photos that you can.

I will not accept a commission unless I feel that I can work from the reference material provided and know that you are completely happy with the original photo references. I feel that a pet portrait is as important as a human portrait and my standards are very high...the final outcome will be my best effort of a photo realistic rendering of the reference photo, "sort of looks like" is not in my vocabulary!





photo ref


Miss Charlotte
If you are interested in having a portrait done of your furry family member drop me an email and I will send you more information.



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