Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Page and Free Projects!

Just finished adding a new page to my blog that lists the upcoming classes and seminars that I am booked to teach so far this year. There are now page tabs along the top underneath my banner, if you are interested in taking a coloured pencil class with me or would like to arrange a class in your area go have a look!

When I decided to start teaching again I made a pledge to my students that I would be here to support them along their journey by continuing to make myself available to them after the class is over.

I know that it is difficult for those who are new to using coloured pencils to find suitable projects that they can work on to improve their skills. Not everyone is capable of taking a photograph and turning it into a work of can see it in your head but sometimes transfering your "vision" onto paper just doesn't work out the way you hoped it would - everyone, including me, has a file of "mistakes" that don't quite measure up. 

Upon occasion and depending how busy I am with other demands, I will be publishing a series of small coloured pencil projects that will be absolutely free for the asking to any of my students who have taken a CP class from me in 2011 and beyond.

The Pansy ATC will be one such project and will be available after April 16th for non-students and is available right now to anyone who has already taken a class from me in 2011.

- the e-packet will contain the original photo reference, work in progress photos, the line drawing and the list of coloured pencils that I used to complete the project referenced to each progress photo, and of course a photo of my finished rendering.
If you haven't been able to take a class from me but would still like to try out one of my projects, I will decide on a nominal fee that you can PayPal.

Check back often or become a follower, I have a few little things that you might like to try!


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