Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 New CP works plus a Lucy update

I guess I will start with the Lucy update, she is back on the drawing board now for a while but I still have a couple of commissions to complete as well so she might get bumped again!

...she certainly looks much better with a bit of fur around her face doesn't she!

The next 2 pieces will be used as teaching material,  I will also put them up on my Classes and Seminars page.

Sun-lit Peace Rose
 The ref for this is in my garden, it hasn't flowered as yet after having a rather slow start this spring but the bush seems to be coming along now and has a couple of good sized buds that will probably be out in a week or so.

Eye of the Tiger
I have been asked many times if I paint big cats and up to this point the answer has been no...I thought it was about time I gave it a go, the ref is from a photo on Wet canvas.

...and this is Sherman, my new studio kitten who I rescued a month or so ago and still haven't had any luck finding a home for. He is the sweetest little dear who just loves to be near me and has found "just the right spot" underneath my easel when I am working on a CP piece.

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