Wednesday, August 31, 2011

on the river today....

Remember I mentioned a week or so ago that we had seen a Great White Egret do a fly by when we were out in the canoe?  We both thought that he was just passing through and we would never see it here again as it just isn't a "known location" for such birds. Well, today Sandy was walking back over the Mitchell dam and there was the Egret sitting on a log in the river!  It eventually flew away but I thought well, I just might give the "Orange devil" a break from taunting me and my camera (see my last post) and go see if it was still around and to my delight there he was below the dam having lunch!

Great Egret
I ended up sitting there for an hour or so watching him catching little fish after little fish...he must have been getting a full belly by the time I left, but he was still at it although I saw at least 20 little "somethings" going down the hatch. 

Immature Green Heron

There were 2 immature Green Herons also fishing in the same area and Kingfishers bopping around but not landing anywhere convenient for me of course!  I estimate at least 5 pairs of Kingfishers on the river above the dam...still hoping for a few good shots of them this year.


The "Cherries" are finished but I haven't had time to write up the notes with all of these distracting photography opportunities this week, hope to get at it this evening and will post again soon!


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