Monday, December 12, 2011

It's been a while...

OK, I suck at blogging! I knew I would which is why I hesitated for so long to start one.  Even though I look at lots of other peoples blogs - art blogs, quilting blogs, gluten free blogs etc and read with interest what other people are "up to" I just can't wrap my head around the idea that there are people out there who want to know what lil' ole "me" is doing day by day.  Do you care?  If you do please leave me a comment...that is if anyone out there is still interested enough to be following! LOL

I really didn't mean to be gone for so long...I was away for a while, well a couple of weeks actually, after hubby and I caught a miserable flu "bug" that laid us flat for way too long. The start of it was quite interesting from a purely scientific point of view...within hours of each other we both realized we were SICK! 
...and there was only one time and one place that both of us were together and could have been infected simultaneously...but I won't mention which major fast food chain is probably responsible other than to say we won't go there again!

So we slowly got over that, we lost over a full week to doing nothing...but being sick...and then because we had lost so much time and were still functioning on only a couple of cylinders we had so many fall chores and "getting ready for winter" chores that had to be done that I just didn't have time or energy for quite a while.

Late fall is of course harvest time, and thank goodness we had such an extended fall!
Some of the bounty from my garden this year...I canned about 2 bushels of tomatoes in total, some into Roasted Tomato pasta sauce and the rest into jars ready to be added to soups, stews etc. Those 2 little pie pumpkins were from a couple of volunteer plants that seeded themselves into the garden...they went into our Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, that we ate al fresco out on our back deck because the day was so warm.

And then we had to get through Halloween, I added a couple of new guys to my Halloween decor this year, these 2 make me smile every time I look at them and even though we are into the Christmas decorating I still haven't put them away! LOL

I was going through my bird photo uploads, there weren't really a lot of those either, I didn't feel like hiking much and not much of interest visited the yard this fall, at least that I noticed and got pictures of.  We did have a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker spend about a week with us and I was able to get some good shots of it one afternoon while it systematically drilled rows of holes in our crab apple tree

My birthday is in November, and I can only remember one other year when it was as warm as it was this year, a good 75% of the time it is snowing and miserable on my birthday but this year the weather was still warm and sunny...and I still had roses blooming in the garden!

Now how often do you have roses still blooming in the Ontario snow belt in November?

....and I guess the rest of my time in November was taken up with Christmas commissions, and again I was so far behind that I didn't even stop to take pictures of them until the last 2 that I just completed, and even then I only managed to get a few step by step shots of them.  When you're in the flow and working it is hard to remember to stop and take pictures.  Even though all have been delivered to their owners I will upload the photos I did take in a couple of posts yet to come....

See you soon!

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